Although climate change has increasingly gained attention as the most important issue facing us today, it is not at all an isolated issue. Climate change is surrounded by many interrelated issues, including planetary overshoot , resource depletion , mass extinction and polution to name but a few. We are facing a non-hierarchical system of interrelated wicked problems .
In order to deal with this supersystemic network of problems and solutions, we need to radically rethink the way we understand and interact with the world we are entangled with . While the movement towards environmental responsibility offers worthy symptom management and incremental improvements, we rarely attempt to re-think things at the truly structural level . Can we really solve global problems only at the local scale?
Supersystemic is an attempt to develop a platform in which new forms of collaborative understanding and design can take place. In order to understand systemic issues and design resillient systems we need to understand their dynamics . But our understanding of these systems is mediated through models that are currently hidden away in academic papers, obscure computer code and complex diagrams .
Our mission is to make model-based thinking more accessible to all.
This is work in progress, in the meantime you can follow some of my ideas and references: The Global Mess, Systems Cartography, Ambient Perspective, Hyper-Mapping and Tools for thinking.